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Set Your Heart Free

Set your heart free let it rise above
To float on the air
With the spirits of the wind
Raising our voices we’ll sing out as one
To the spirits of the earth
To the spirits of the wind

How dare we forget
Where we all come from
The rocks the birds the tree’s
We all live as one

Riding on air looking down from the clouds
Now is the time
For the change from within
Hearing the truth as it whispers its song
To the spirits of the earth
To the spirits of the wind

How dare we forget
Where we all come from
The rocks the birds the tree’s
We all live as one

Yes my child there was a time
When the earth was free from sin
All the creatures lived in harmony
And the truth road on the wind
But the darknesses started to gather round
The tides began to turn
When the creature who was known as man
Had forgotten what he’d learned.

He’d forgotten what he’d learned

Set your heart free...

© 1991 Boyd F. Williams

Let It Go

Can the spirit cast away
The impermanence of this world
Are we shackled to tyranny and ignorance
Can the question still have meaning
In so many times the asking
For a glimmer
Of the true innocence

Let it go
Let your faith lead on undaunted
Let it go
May the questions never haunt you
Let it go

Can we glimpse beyond the mirror
To the true faith of our being
Are we stranded on the road to
Is it fate that does our bidding
As the cards are laid before us
Is there nothing in this world
Left to chance


Let the river unfold
That I might follow it back
To the days and the shores of our youth
Let the mountains rejoice
And sing of the challenges
Facing us all in the search for the truth
And the heavens will ring
To proclaim the freedom
That’s given to us in the days of our youth

Can the spirit cast away
The impermanence of this world...

© 1997 Boyd F. Williams

Los Arcos

Come let us explore the depths
And find the secrets they have
    kept from time
Through the surf across the tide
Riding on the oceans of our mind
Can you hear the pirate’s song
Of ships that have been lost to the sea
Hear the voices in your head
A mutiny that has been put to sleep
New adventures in the air
A brand new world for us to share
Los Arcos

Far beneath the surface of the waves
Blowing bubbles soft and fine
Through the coral on the reef
In a world lost to time
Melodies of long ago
Sing of love lost to the sea
Sailors who have long been dead
Sing of love that just could never be
New adventures in the air
A brand new world for us to share
Los Arcos

In the crystal water lives a secret
For the two of us to keep
The colors of our dreams are there
They give to us the visions that we seek
And though we fear the darkness
Our love is shining bright as light can be
It gives us strength to carry on
The courage needed to explore the sea
New adventures in the air
A brand new world for us to share
Los Arcos

© 1985 Boyd F. Williams

The Darkest Ages

From the darkest ages
Through the age of reason
We seemed to lose the way
Holy wars abound
Crusades to Palestine
Still go on today
And in the darkest hour
It seems the world around us
Has fallen in decay
In the dead of night
Hear a child crying
As the bombs begin to flay

Writing holy words
Is the trick of men
Who would rule us from the grave
The Exodus began
And the genocide
Still goes on today
And if we follow blindly
The words before us
There will be no peace today
If we choose to let them
Tear the world asunder
With our children’s lives we’ll pay

From Mein Kampf on down
To the Turin Shroud
Expedience has ruled the day
The myths have served them well
The truth they’ll never tell
It still goes on today
And if we never question
They will give no answers
And the lies will propagate
It the truth were known
The myths would crumble
And erode their power base

From the darkest ages...

© 2002 Boyd F. Williams

The Pure Land

There is a place
A land so pure and strong
A gift for you and me
When we were young
It was so clear and
Then it fades to memory
We walk upon it’s shore
As it slowly slips away
Looking for something lost
A path that marks the way

And in our hearts
We carry dear to us
A dream to be set free
Not long ago the dream
It came to us
A gift for you and me
And though the visions fades
The memories remain
We hear the pure land call
A voice so far away...

© 1994 Boyd F. Williams

Morning Rain

Sitting here in the morning rain
Heart on my sleeve
Feeling no pain
It was some time before
You said goodbye
Wishing doesn’t get you there
It doesn’t get you anywhere
Except far from here
Except far from here

This is a lonely planet
That I am living in
It feels like the outside's
Lookin’ in
And I like this feeling
That I’m slowly drowning in
It feels like the outside's
Lookin’ in

Yesterday or the one before
When you said you couldn’t take no more
The reasons why
You left me alone
What about the promise made
Far to close
For the words to stay
Except far from you
Except far from you


And I can’t take too much
It feels like I’m losing you
I just can’t take this rush
There’s nothing left to loose
Oh no, no, no...

Sittin’ here in the morning rain...

© 2003 Music Boyd F. Williams

Echo of the Tide

In the calm before the storm
There’s a wave that rushes on
It would seem to be an echo of the tide
From the mountains to the sea
From the earth beneath our feet
There comes a truth
We carry deep in side

We must try not to pretend
There are things that love can’t mend
So don’t turn away
Or lock the truth inside
From the darkness comes a light
And every thing would be alright
If I could only spend more time
With you

Though it’s all been said before
A million hearts have sung the score
Of a love that strains but can’t refrain
From walking out the door
Though it seems to you and me
Only one thing would set us free
But the truth it seems
Like that mountain stream
Flows quickly to the shore


In the calm before the storm...

© 1994 Boyd F. Williams

About the Band

Those of you who know Boyd Williams will not be tricked into thinking it’s a band or group of musicians playing these songs. It’s all just one person alone in the studio. The songs are a collection, composed over the years, and recently recorded as an acoustic performance. Well actually it’s a synthetic acoustic performance.

Boyd is originally from Saskatchewan but now lives in the province of Quebec. His music has been in influenced by the time he spent living on Indian Reservation’s in the remote regions of Canada’s expansive north. He has incorporated both Native American chanting as well as the song structures into his music.

You can also check out the music that Pierre Voyer and Boyd have recorded. A collection of 10 original compositions, called the Elsie Dee Project.

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All songs composed, performed and produced by Boyd F. Williams.

Photography by Ian W. Burt

© 2008 Boyd Williams SOCAN

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Thank You for supporting
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Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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